Mission Statement

To glorify God in the training of our children, providing them with the skills to think critically, clearly and Biblically.

To develop our children with strong Godly character, sound mind and body, so they may share with others the love of God, while learning to serve our Lord and Savior, the Chief Cornerstone.

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Middle School Spring

Middle School Spring Class List

** Middle School Times Are:

1st Hour: 8:15 - 9:30
2nd Hour: 9:35 - 10:40
3rd Hour: 10:45 - 11:50
4th Hour: 11:55 - 12:50


Merriment & Merth: The Mighty Pen Continues - Returning students only

Continuing IEW writers gather weekly in this small group writing class to brainstorm, share compositions and learn from each other. We will use IEW's Fables, Myths and Fairytales to focus on style and structure as well as expand our vocabulary. Grammar skills and editing techniques will be strengthened. Our writing skills will be put to good use in new and exciting ways with this light-hearted and imaginative curriculum.
Parents: As always, you are expected to assist and support your student(s) as needed. Unless otherwise assigned, editing of assignments and checklist completion at home is required. This is the home-schooling component of the class.

Class Fee: $50/semester This will be a year long class
Required Supplies: Fables, Myths and Fairytale/Student Edition, note cards, highlighters, pens, binder and, of course, your Student Resource Notebook
Workload: 5
Teacher: Marcia Boland

The Mighty Pen Creative Writing - Returning students only

Open only to students with over 2 years of IEW writing experience, this class will dive deep into units 5, 7 and 9 of IEW’s sequence of creative writing. Over the course of two semesters, students will write from prompts and pictures, learn journalistic techniques, formulate critiques, and create stories. Greater attention will be on mastering all style and structure requirements of IEW, in addition to learning abstract aspects of writing like voice, tone, mood, theme, fluency, and word choice. Adherence to the IEW checklists, participation in the revision process, and commitment to one hour per day of writing at home is expected. Parental oversight is mandatory. This class is subject to the CCHC Academic Agreement.

Class Fee: $50/semester This is a year long class.
Required Materials: IEW Student Resource Notebook and writing supplies
Workload: 5 parental oversight is required
Teacher: Julie Renner


Art History - New students accepted

This class will offer a chronological full emersion into art forms, including, but not limited to music and art mediums/techniques, and those artists who created these forms of art. Some art projects will, at times, be completed at one and returned the following week.

Grade: Grades 6-8
Min: 6 Max: 10/12 depending on room size
Class Fee: $50
Materials Fee: $50 (any unused supply fees will be returned at the end of the semester)
Required Supplies: 11x14 art portfolio RECOMMENDED for transporting art.
Workload: 2-3
Teacher: Sandy Gonda
Aide: Diane Sharp


Biology - Returning students only

A beginning introduction to biology that sets the foundations for high school studies. The class will focus on vocabulary and basic concepts. There will not be dissection at this level. This class is subject to the CCHC Academic Agreement.

Class fee: $100/semester This is a year long class
Supply/lab Fee: $50/year this includes lab materials,
Required Supplies: Requires lab goggles, dedicated lab notebook, dedicated biology folder, internet access, colored pencils, pencils
Workload: 5+
Teacher: Heidi Short
Aide: Jeni White

Sign Language - Returning students only

Did you know that Sign Language is the 3rd most used language in America behind English and Spanish? Do you like to talk with your hands or know how to communicate without using your voice? Sign Language is a visual language that you can pick up easily and you will enjoy practicing with your friends and family. Learn some words in sign language, make sentences, sign songs and discover the history of sign language and the deaf culture. For those needing High School Credit there will be weekly assignments and quizzes.

Class Fee: $70
Required Supplies: Joy of Signing book.
General school supplies would be required as well.
Workload: MS/2-3 HS/4
Teacher: Tracie Orlowski


Constitution - Returning students only

During this year long class the students will be focusing on how our government works, it's history, and who is involved. We will be starting with the birth of our independent country after the American Revolution and ending with our government today. Towards the end of the second semester we will be discussing the Illinois constitution and government. Throughout this class the students will be taking a series of quizzes after we finish each section. Their will be a final culminating test during the second semester. Students can expect a moderate amount of written work in addition to studying for tests and quizzes.

Class Fee: $65/semester This will be a year long class.
Workload: 4
Required Supplies: Students will be required to have a notebook and writing utensils in class everyday. I will be supplying all students with most copies of handouts and booklets when needed.
Teacher: Tom Spielman

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