Mission Statement

To glorify God in the training of our children, providing them with the skills to think critically, clearly and Biblically.

To develop our children with strong Godly character, sound mind and body, so they may share with others the love of God, while learning to serve our Lord and Savior, the Chief Cornerstone.

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Preschool - Kindergarten Spring

Preschool - Kindergarten Spring Class List


Tell Me a Story

New stories and old favorites will be read in this class for some of our youngest co-cop friends. We will focus on a book and/or theme each week, then create a related craft or art project. We will incorporate songs, poems, finger plays, and maybe even a little free choice activities. Letters, rhyming, fine and gross motor skills, taking turns, and following directions will be our focus throughout the semester.

Grade: pre-K and Kindergarten
Min: 5 Max: 12
Materials fee: $8
Required Supplies: Crayons, pencils, and a folder.
Workload: 1 (occasionally they will be asked to bring things from home).
Teacher: Lori Spielman


Holidays Around the World

It will be a party every week as we learn about holidays that are celebrated in all parts of the world. From the Fourth of July to the Chinese New Year, we will read books, make crafts, and play games to discover more about how and why people celebrate.

Grade: pre-K and Kindergarten
Min: 3 Max: 12
Materials Fee: $5.
Required Supplies: Pencil, crayons, scissors, glue stick
Workload: 0
Teacher: Paula Wangler


Learning at the Zoo

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh my! Come read stories, play games, sing songs, do finger plays, and some crafting too. Our zoo pals can teach us so many things about the alphabet, numbers, and science as well! Join us and our zoo friends for some learning fun.

Grade: pre-K and Kindergarten
Min: 4 Max: 12
Materials Fee: $5
Required Supplies: crayons, pencils, glue stick, safety scissors
Workload: 1
Teacher: Machell Klee and Sandy Norris



Learning how to communicate on paper encourages and builds a love of writing. When a child draws or scribbles we can ask what story is behind their picture and encourage them to tell a story. Each week we will talk about fun things the students are doing at home, read great books, and play silly games to get our creativity flowing.

Grade: pre-K and Kindergarten
Min: 3 Max: 6
Materials Fee: $5
Required Supplies:
Workload: 1
Teacher: Sara Both

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